Dalen #BN-3 28x28Protec GDN Netting

Dalen Bird-X, 28' x 28', Anti-Bird Protective Garden Netting, Protects Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes & Vegetables From Thieving Birds & Other Garden Pests, This Tough & Durable Polypropylene Netting Is Considered The Ideal Method Of Protection By Gardening Authorities, 3/4" Mesh Provides Total Protection Without Harming Birds & Small Animals, Packed In Displayer Case.

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #87376 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Dimensions: 15.14 pounds

Great Netting, Large and Tough4
This netting was big enough to cover my chicken pen, but a little bit too stretchy, so we had to put a bunch of ties on it. It was a little difficult to unravel, but not really a problem. Overall good netting. Hasn't broken at all.

great product5
This netting was used for a peach tree that yielded about 150 peaches. None went to the birds so the netting did a great job.

Tripping Hazard4
This stuff works, don't get me wrong, but if someone had a video camera on me when I was trying to install it I would've been on bloopers and practical jokes. I tried to install it on a pear tree, but it wasn't happening. The netting kept getting stuck on branches. To work properly I think the tree would have needed to be the perfect shape. So, instead I used the netting over the top of my 4 foot garden fence. Works like a charm and the birds can't get to my tomatoes and peppers. I've had a bumper crop because of this netting.

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