Pigeon Deterrent Plastic Bird Spike
From Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Plastic Bird Spikes: 3 - 2 foot Sections 7" Width Plastic Bird Spikes + 1 - Tube Adhesive (6ft. /Box + 1-tube Adhesive)
Amazon Sales Rank: #312312 in Kitchen & Housewares Size: 3 -2 foot sections (6 linier feet) 7" Bird Spike + One Tube Adhesive Color: Crystal Clear Brand: Bird-B-Gone, Inc. Model: BBG2000-7CLR

Amazing! I have been trying for years to get these pigeons off my roof. I have spent a small fortune in fake owls, snakes, and electronic devices. These actually worked! The only spike that worked! We had pigeons roosting in the eaves of our home. After using the Bird-B-Gone Spike (which was incredibly easy to install!), the birds went away, and so did all their droppings. Our church also used the product on the edges of the Sunday School building with excellent results! Our neighbors had tried spikes from another company, but the birds were able to land between them....don't be fooled by imitations! This product is great - it doesn't harm the birds - it just stops them from landing! Rugged & Easy to Install We had a pigeon problem on our terrace. One of the problems is, since the wooden plank topping the terrace wall is about 9 inches wide, a single row might not have provided adequate coverage. But as Bird-B-Gone plastic bird spikes came in 1 foot long sections, we decided to placed them somewhat diagonally across the rail, parallel to each other about 8.25 inches apart (think herringbone). It works great. Some pigeons decided to test it and things got "poinky" and "ouchy" very quickly. They got the message. We did 40 feet of rail for about $125. One caution: These are strong spikes, and placed at about waist height on a terrace rail, we realized these would be a hazard if anyone tripped coming out of the balcony door. So we used clear push pins instead of screws so we could remove a section of them when guests visited. Works well.

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  1. gravatar ethan1066 Says:

    i have picked up a pigeon deterrent spike from here and its very effectively repelling the birds..very helpful...

  2. gravatar Sang Fajar Says:

    very helpful,,


  3. gravatar JohnQ123 Says:

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